The new woodland bird feeding station is doing really well, so well that I am having to fill it every other day........the birds are romping through the seeds. The most active feeders are the Cole Tits that zoom in and away very quickly. They are known to stash food for later retrieval and maybe this is what they are doing now. Nuthatches being bigger and a bit bolder seem to rule the feeders and are not very tolerant of other birds around them although their presence does not slow down the Cole Tits one bit. 
        Yesterday, working in the wood I noticed the rarer Marsh Tits around the area and today I went back with camera in hand and was chuffed to see a pair actively feeding. The birds do not seem to be too bothered by my truck so I can park it quite close to the feeder and shoot through the open passenger window, as long as I do not make any sudden movements.
        It is great to see the Marsh Tits around still. They are a declining species now across Kent and harder to find. It seems that climate change and drier conditions are driving them away slowly but surely. At least I can enjoy them in our wood for now and hope that they will stick around to breed........

Nuthatch and Blue Tit

Great Tit

Marsh Tit


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