Just returned from 5 days in southern Sweden near the coast north of Gothenburg. Like most of Europe the weather was really hot and the butterflies there were loving it...... the best of the bunch was a Queen of Spain Fritillary that visited Scabious flowers in a meadow every day; such a beautiful butterfly and not one I have seen very often, anywhere and never in the UK, where it is a pretty rare visitor. Also there were Wall Browns, another beauty and sadly getting uncommon back here and now hard to find. They are very flighty and hard to photograph with wings open but the under wings are certainly stunning.

As to birds, Swallows were still around, a couple of Ospreys flew over where we were staying and Spotted Flycatchers seemed to be in every bush; one of my favourite birds. The island there has a resident pair of Black Woodpeckers, who put in a couple of appearances and a family of Red Squirrels, but all of them played hard to get on this trip, allowing only brief views. We came home to good solid rain.....I had almost forgotten what it is.

Wall brown

Swallow, looking stunning in the sun

Queen of Spain Fritillary

Small Copper Butterfly

Spotted Flyctacher


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