I do like snakes. I really fancied seeing an Adder again this year and took a trip this morning up to the chalk downs outside of Otford. Fackenden Down is a Kent Wildlife Trust reserve and a very good place to spot these elusive reptiles but I knew the heat would make it pretty unlikely as they get active and hard to find. I have seen them up there before but usually earlier in the year, just after they have emerged from hibernation, when they are more keen to bask in the open. 

Well, as i thought, the Adders proved elusive and I did not see any, not even a tail disappearing into the long grass but the butterflies were out in very good numbers....Common and Chalkhill Blues, lots of browns, Brimstones, Marbled Whites, Painted Lady, and best of all, one Dark Green fritillary. This is a great little wildlife reserve, one that shows off all that is very special about chalk downland in terms of flowers and invertebrates. I made a mental note to go there again in a few weeks.....will this heatwave hold until then !?

Common Blues mating

Painted Lady underside

Brimstone on Scabious

Chalkhill Blue


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