Fine summer days and Crow Wood seems to be humming with life. Its a really good butterfly year at last and the White Admirals are about in good numbers. I watched one for quite a while trying to work out why it was returning to the same leaf time after time. Then I noticed the bird poo that it was feeding on. This is something the species does do but I have not seen before. Its about getting minerals. It was so pre-occupied I could get very close.

Then there was a young Grass Snake under one of the tins that did not rush off and let me pick it up. I do like snakes but am always a bit wary of picking them  up, not because I am worried about getting bitten but in case I damage them.       Grass Snakes also have a habit of emptying their bowels when handled and the smell is very strong and stays around. But this little one was a very pleasant    companion for a while and let me handle it for several minutes. Last of all, a Spotted Flycatcher put in an appearance at the top of the dead oak tree, as if to add icing to this very summery cake...........................................................


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