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Winter, Spring, Summer ?  The weather is all a bit confused. Today its back to cold winds and driving rain but last week it was record temperatures and the first butterflies were about. The warmth has brought some of the woodland plants out with the first few Primroses in flower and Early Purple Orchids showing off their fabulous spotted leaves. There seems to be no doubt that we are in the middle of a climate warming period and that this is making our weather a lot more unpredictable, as scientists have told us. It is all very concerning particularly as there seems little international agreement about finding solutions.....maybe its too late........that is a dreadful thought.

Its hard to see the effects directly in our wood, as its not unusual to see Primroses or butterflies like Brimstones out in early March. We have certainly lost some species of birds, like Willow Warbler, but that may be because the habitat is no longer suitable, and the lack of prolonged frost cannot help plant a…

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