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Its logging time ! There is something very satisfying about making log stacks - part of the pleasure it is to do with storing away the logs for the winter ahead, like a Jay caching acorns. Its to do with the satisfaction of being organised and set up for the months of cold. But I also like wood stacks as objects too, they have an aesthetic aspect, all those clean cut ends facing out. 

Last year I experimented with making round stacks, having watched a couple of Youtube videos and they worked out pretty well, for first attempts that is. The trick is to maintain an inward slope on the logs from the get-go, laying the first layer on a line of logs laid in a circle. I really like their shape and have got rather attached to them standing like primitive dwellings in the clearing. I let Sweet Chestnut dry out for at least two years before using the logs, so I won't have to demolish them just yet.

        We also burn Birch and this only needs a year to dry if split. Left too long it begins…

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